HTBC Covid Update for September 2021

Covid Mitigations for Harvest Time Bible Church

Dear Church Family,

Throughout this past year and half, we have been experiencing all kinds of things that many of us have never had to face before. During this time, we have experienced many challenges and many blessings. I am writing this note to you because, once again, we (the staff) are being asked what we will do in response to the newest Covid variant. Our answer is that we will stay the course. We have implemented many mitigations up to this point including social distancing, cleaning protocols, suggesting the wearing of a facemask, as well as asking people who are sick or have been sick to stay home (offering them church online). However, during all of this time, we have not required anything except to be loving, to be respectful of others’ opinions, to use common sense and to strive to Love God and Love People with unity. I believe Harvest Time has done just that (not perfectly) but to my knowledge we have not been the cause of a single outbreak or spread of Covid in our community. To steal an old saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

We will continue to encourage the above mitigations in our worship center, in our life groups, and in our different ministry areas. I know that some will not agree, either believing we are not stringent enough or that we are too stringent in our approach. I understand that. The question we need to ask ourselves is “will I be able to love and work together with others, even if we differ in our approach to responding to covid?” I ask that you prayerfully consider how God is leading you and your family and that you act upon that leading in your life.

If I attend services at Harvest Time, am I required to wear a mask?

No, you are not required to wear a mask. However, many will choose to wear a mask. Please pray and ask God to direct you and your family concerning this decision. Then, please respect and love those who choose to wear one and those who choose not to wear one.

Do I need to practice social distancing?

Yes, please continue to respect the space of others. It’s just a good practice, and it’s ok to ask someone if they are ok with being closer. We will be providing a section in the worship center for those who would like “Extra Space” to social distance. Please note the “Extra Space” signs at the end of each row in that section.

If I am sick and stay home, how can I watch the services online?

First, thank you for being willing to admit you do not feel well and need to stay home. Sunday morning services are at 8 & 11 AM Sundays and are streamed live through:

(remember on the Facebook page please like/follow and on the YouTube channel subscribe and click the bell to receive notifications)

What should I do If I have been exposed to someone who has covid and am waiting for test results, even though I do not have any symptoms?

It would be best for you to stay home and wait for the results. Please refer above to watching through our online ministry options.

Harvest Time Bible Church