Care Response Team (CRT)

Purpose:  A team that will intentionally keep in contact with those of our congregation and beyond that are elderly (80+), or have chronic health conditions, or compromised immune systems to encourage and meet needs as they arise that are not able to be met by an individual’s family.

Who:  Each team will be led by a member of the deacon board.  Each team will have at least 3 team members.

Team members can be persons that are members or attenders of Harvest Time Bible Church who are at least 16 years of age and older; however if a younger person feels called to be a part, they, with a parent’s support, may be a member.  (One recommendation is that a Life Group create a CRT in order to practice together “Doing Something About It” by “Giving” of their resources to see a need and meet it.


  1. Each Team will be given a list of names (Phone Number & Addresses) by the Pastoral Staff.
  2. Each list that is given is divided up between team members (men paired with men; women paired with women).
  3. Each Team member will make contact at least once a week with the person they are assigned, to check in, encourage, pray and identify needs of the individual or family.
  4. As a need arises that is not being met by the individual’s family, the CRT member will record the need and report the need to their CRT leader (Deacon).
  5. Each Deacon will communicate with the pastoral staff and a plan of action will be decided.
  6. The CRT can be the avenue to which the need is met, however some cases may need to involve those with specific skill sets (ie: plumbing, electrical, etc… ) so specific communication is a must.

Download this letter.


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