Dear HTBC Staff,

Here is where you will find the information you need to maintain and update the website, should I be eaten by sharks,


In His Joy and Grace,


Namecheap - domains

User name: harvesttimebiblechur

Password: mU7EtH&bMDxa9Q!1Red* renews 3/6 renews 1/19 (points to: on Namecheap) renews 4/13 (NOT on auto renew – do we need it?)

Siteground - hosting with Kate Megill Services

(Raegan should have been send collaborator access, to be pasted below)

$75/year hosting cost payable to Kate Megill Services on 1/7 of each year – price locked in until 2027



Acast - podcast hosting


Password: KKy$ZxB0UY8hM6c87el$

Jotform - specialty forms

Login: htbchurch

Password: Zizkuz-zodhyq-bekbu7


Compressing PDFs for Website

Printing Prayer Report

Getting Video & Audio Onto Website

Adding Funds to Breeze & Subsplash

Adding Life Groups to Website

Harvest Time Bible Church