Seeing everyone love God, love people,

and do something about it!

Gather // Grow // Give // Go

The many faces of Giving







Giving is blessing one another within the church through the gifts, talents and opportunities God has given us. 

Giving is our expression of loving Jesus, by loving the saints and meeting their needs.

EVERYONE can give!

  • we give our talents
  • we give our gifts
  • we give our money
  • we give our prayers

Give My Tithe/ Offering

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The Ministries of Harvest Time Bible Church

Contact Becky at the church to connect to a Ministry-Team leader.

Bus Drivers

Some of our church members are able to gather in person, but they may not have a car or cannot drive themselves. We have a faithful crew who uses church vehicles weekly to pick those members up.

Senior Saints

The Senior Saints is our group who is 55+. They go on a lot of fun trips throughout the year as well as have planned fellowships. The shaping of our hearts and growing in Christ is never ending! The Senior Saints put this into practice through Bible studies and conferences.

Kids Ministry

The Kids Ministry partners with parents to train kids to love God, love people, and do something about it. They do this through many programs geared for kids such as Awana, Kids Church, life groups, camp, etc. Click to see more!

CARE Team Spiritual: Stephen Ministry

In a world full of brokenness – our Stephen Ministers are here to walk alongside those in need to spiritual care during times of trouble. Just as a brother is born for a time of adversity, our Stephen Ministers are here for you.

Kids Choir

The Kids Ministry partners with parents to train kids to love God, love people, and do something about it. They do this through many programs geared for kids such as Awana, Kids Church, life groups, camp and so much more!


If you love to read, we have tons of books that are available for you! Whether you are looking for yourself or for your child, there is something for everyone. We constantly are adding to our collection, so there’s always something new.

Photography Team

Many of the photos that we use on our website and social media are captured by our volunteer Photography Team! They do a great job capturing the heart and soul of all that is going on at Harvest Time.

Women’s Discipleship

We have two ladies on staff that are dedicated to helping disciple and counsel women. Jeanne and Paula walk with women through the struggles of everyday living and provide a listening ear as they point them to Christ through these struggles.

Worship Team

Every Sunday our service starts with corporate worship. This is led by our Associate Pastor Aaron Meeks who is accompanied by the worship team made up of vocalists and musicians. They help lead others in worshipping God through music.

Drama Team

We serve a creative God, and the Drama Group at Harvest Time shows that so well. They put on productions that are gospel centered and intended bring people closer to the Lord or share the gospel to those who do not know him. If you love being on stage, you would be a great fit!

Adult Choir Team

The Choir Ministry loves to share the gospel through song. They typically put on two productions a year. One is around Easter time, and and the second is around Christmas time in conjunction with the Drama Team. If you love to share about God through your voice, join the Choir!

Health & Wellness Team

The Health and Wellness Team serves the church through checking blood pressure of anyone who would like it checked. Not everyone may have access to a blood pressure machine, and this is an easy way to help keep that monitored. This team truly shows the love of God through meeting a physical need!

Safety Team

The Safety Team is a group that helps ensure that our events run smoothly. They keep a watchful eye on those coming in and coming out of the church in order to make sure that the church is a safe place for all of those who are here worshipping.

Men’s Ministry

This ministry is for men to fellowship together and grow deeper in their walk with Christ. This community allows men to walk along with other men rather than try to figure it out on their own. They accomplish this through various activities and events throughout the year.

Youth Ministry

Youth is for students who are in 6th grade to 12th grade. It’s a place where students can gather together with other kids their, but also and more importantly it’s a place for students to learn more about Christ and how to walk with him through their daily lives.

Lasting Impressions Team

We want people to feel welcome! We do this through an amazing team called Lasting Impressions. We want the impression of our church to last as they walk out the door. We do this through greeting, the Welcome Center, and and Sign Up Central.

Tech Team

Behind every service is a crew of people that are helping make the magic happen. The Tech Team broadcasts the services and makes sure the visual and audio media runs smoothly throughout the service. Through this team, many people are able to connect to community who would be isolated without them.

Encourage: Card Making Ministry

The writers and crafters of Harvest Time gather to make and write cards to encourage people within the church. They use their gifts to edify the body as they also pray for the people to whom they are writing.

Women Extending the Lord’s Love (W.E.L.L. Ministry)

Whether you’re an 18 year old woman or 118, the W.E.L.L. Ministry has a spot for you! This ministry is a community for women to walk along side of each other throughout all of the phases of life. They fellowship and grow together as women who extend the Lord’s love.

Handymen of Harvest Time

Our Handymen of Harvest Time is a ministry of men who on Thursday mornings gather for fellowship and drink coffee, and then get to work helping out around the church. They serve the church and help save a lot of money by helping with the upkeep and fixing things around our facility.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the support and strength of a growing church. Our prayer team faithfully lifts all the concerns and needs shared with them, for members and seekers alike. No matter what your life circumstance, you can be a vital part of the church through prayer!

Single Senior Sisters

The Single Senior Sisters  are a group of women who gather together and live life together. They fellowship through many activities such as going for coffee and having adventures together. They also grow in Christ together by meeting regularly.

Kids Ministry

Through our fun and engaging programs we:


  • Impress on their hearts the need for a Savior
  • Invite them to a love relationship with Christ
  • Ignite in them a love for others
  • Involve them in service, because we want them to know that they are not too young to impact the world around them for the glory of God.

Year Round and School Year Ministries

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Click + to see Dates & Times for Kids Ministry Events
kids church


2 yrs-5 (pre-K) DC
K - 5th FLC KidZone

kids choir

Kids Choir

K - 5th KidZone in FLC



Infants-2 yrs



Ages 2-6th grade

good news clubs

Good News Club

K-6th grade
School year outreach

Summer and Seasonal Ministries

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family fun night

Family Fun Night

All ages



4 yrs-7th grade

1 week in summer

camp chetek

Camp Chetek

3rd-7th grade

Late summer in Wisconsin

autumn adventure

Autumn Adventure

All ages

We care for your needs!

Sauk Valley Community College has compiled many resources for various needs throughout the Sauk Valley Area.

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