We care for your needs!

At Harvest Time Bible Church, we are dedicated to Loving God, Loving People, and Doing Something About It. That means that we care about your needs, whether it be physical, mental, and spiritual. Here are a number of
resources for your needs.


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  • Sauk Valley Community College has compiled many resources for various needs throughout the Sauk Valley Area. Click the button below to view.

We care for your soul!

Counseling & Support Resources:
  • HTBC (for women) – Meet with one of our Women’s Disciplers! They are trained through Victorious Christian Living and love walking with other women as they grow in the walk with Christ.
  • CARE Team: Stephen Ministry at HTBC – Stephen Ministry is our one-on-one spiritual crisis care team. Grief, sickness, poverty, brokenness: These are a few of the many circumstances Stephen Ministry volunteers are trained to walk beside you.
  • Grief Share at Sauk Valley Community Church  – GriefShare is group support sessions for those who are experiencing grief from the loss of a spouse, child, family member, or friend. These group sessions help you face the grief and rebuild your life after a loss.
  • Mayfire Special Needs Ministry Buddy Break Nights at HTBC – Mayfire is a budding ministry here at HTBC, dedicated to showing love to local children with special needs in our community! Do you or someone you know have a special needs child? Let us give them the VIP treatment by signing up for our Buddy Break event!
  • Living Well Counseling in Dixon, IL – This is a holistic counseling center located in Dixon, IL. This diverse team of professionals offer clinically proven professional counseling processes. Living Well Counseling also offers pastoral counseling who are not only counselors, but are experienced pastors.
  • Family Life Today Counseling Article – How do you know it’s time to see a counselor? How do you know which counselor to meet with? This article by Family Life Today helps you work through all those questions you may have about finding a counseling solution that’s right for you!
  • Focus on the Family Counseling – This website offers a number of Christian help resources, referrals, and biblically-based answers to lots of questions.
  • Sauk Valley Community College has compiled many resources for various needs throughout the Sauk Valley Area. Click here to view their resources.
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